Happy Cake Lesson For The Peghead Nation

Eric performs and breaks down his tune Happy Cake for the Peghead Nation. There’s tablature, a little interview, and a video detailing every little thing about the Santa Cruz 00-skye guitar and the rest of his gear. Use promo code “Spring” and get  a special no obligation month-long pass to this amazing website.


Eric Skye And Mark Goldenberg At The Fretboard Journal

Eric Playing Live On NBC and FOX





Some New Q&A

Interview http://musicstopsligo.wix.com/musicstopsligo#!Interview-With-Eric-Skye/cmbz/54fcdec30cf27b8ab24ac46f


Eric Skye Trio on KMHD, Portland’s Jazz And NPR station

Eric Skye
Carlton Jackson
Tye North
Eric Skye
Eric Skye

Video Of New Santa Cruz 00-skye Guitar

Eric Skye Gets New Guitar

The Santa Cruz Guitar Company made another 00-skye. Same as number one, but with a “bearclaw” Italian spruce top.

Eric Skye's 00-skye model guitar, from the Santa Cruz Guitar CoEric Skye's 00-skye model guitar, from the Santa Cruz Guitar CoEric Skye's 00-skye model guitar, from the Santa Cruz Guitar CoEric Skye Guitar 00-skye


Eric Skye, Mark Hanson, and Scott Kritzer in Portland October 11


The Locktender’s Reel

A flatpicking fiddle tune I wrote for an upcoming record with mandolinist Tim Connell. Though here it’s a slower fingerstlye thing. This one goes out in memory of my mother. When I was growing up, she would drop me off in front of lock number 11 on the Delaware Canal in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where I’d fish all day up and down the tow path.

Eric Skye at Tobias Music in Chicago

Eric Skye acoustic guitarEric Skye in ChicagoEric Skye Live In Chicago

Two Eric Skye Model Guitars Being Born At Santa Cruz Guitars.

Eric Skye and Richard Hoover at Santa Cruz Guitar Co checking in two new Eric Skye signature models.

Eric Skye Richard Hoover 2

All Blues From “The Kitchen Sessions.” -Four Videos Shot In Eric’s Kitchen

A Different Kind Of Blue makes Acoustic Guitar’s top ten acoustic albums of the year

 photo AcousticGuitarMagFeb2013_zps523760c4.jpg

Stella By Starlight On The 00-Skye

Miles Davis’ Son Gives The Thumbs Up For The New Album

Eric Skye With Miles Davis' Son photo IMG_2581_zpsc921c117.jpg

New Video Of My Santa Cruz DH

Fretboard Journal’s Seventh Anniversary Party Highlights


Eric Skye Fretboard Journal

Officially became a D’Addario artist endorser today! EJ17 strings are key part of my sound. I could not be more humbled and excited to be a part of the family! www.daddario.com

All Tuned Up At Alberta Rose Theater

New Poster For Freight And Salvage Show

Concert with Teja Gerken and Jamie Stillway

Eric Skye Guitar, 00-skye

Playing Tunes From The New Album Live On KMHD

Eric Skye on KMHD 89.1 FM

Eric at home in Portland discussing the new album

Equinox (John Coltrane)

First New Solo Album In Seven Years Hits Monday July 2nd!

Eric in June issue of Guitar Player magazine


At Yoshi’s in San Francisco Back In February

Fretboard Journal Podcast Interview


A Lesson On Using Scales

Santa Cruz Guitar Co 35th Anniversary Concert at Don Quixote’s


The 00-Skye model guitar was designed by Eric Skye and Richard Hoover as the Ferrari of fingerstyle guitars in classic pre-war package. It is the ultimate in projection, responsiveness, complexity, and balance of tone. The guitar features master grade Adirondack spruce and Cocobolo rosewood. A twelve-fret 00 sized guitar with slightly deeper body and wider neck. Custom string spacing, scale length, and neck profile make for maximum playability.

Rest of Gear

In addition to the Santa Cruz 00-Skye, Eric uses Santa Cruz Guitar Company strings. He plays with Alaska fingerpicks, and a Fred Kelly heavy thumb pick. When flatpicking, Eric uses a three-cornered, 2mm TAD80 by Blue Chip. His capos are made by Phil Elliott. For amplification Skye uses an AKG 214 large diaphragm condenser.  The sneakers are Pumas.

Local News Story On Signature Guitar

Someday My Prince Will Come

Eric at NAMM in Los Angeles

Performing Saturday night on the Hilton Stage

Slow Moving Dog

Slow Moving Dog, combines Skye’s acoustic guitar with drummer Bruce Robertson and bassist Brian Casey. Slow Moving Dog features ten original tunes Currently out of print, but it is currently available as a download or listen to at iTunes or Apple Music

Eric Skye Trio -Chitlins Con Carne

Eric Skye and Teja Gerken At Schoenberg Guitars in Tiburon CA

Santa Cruz Ad in Acoustic Guitar magazine

Every Saturday Morning That Eric Is Home In Portland

Outdoor concert in Oklahoma