The 00-Skye model guitar was designed by Eric Skye and Richard Hoover as the Ferrari of fingerstyle guitars in classic pre-war package. It is the ultimate in projection, responsiveness, complexity, and balance of tone. The guitar features master grade Adirondack spruce and Cocobolo rosewood. A twelve-fret 00 sized guitar with slightly deeper body and wider neck. Custom string spacing, scale length, and neck profile make for maximum playability.

Rest of Gear

In addition the two Santa Cruz 00-Skye guitars (one with Adirondack, one with a bearclaw Italian top), Eric uses Santa Cruz Guitar Company mid-tension strings. He plays with Alaska fingerpicks, and a Fred Kelly heavy thumb-pick. When flatpicking, Eric uses a three-cornered, 1.5 mm pick. His capos are made by Phil Elliott. He uses microphones by Austrian Audio (pair of OC818’s) and Neumann (pair of KM184’s). ¬†For amplification he will sometimes use an K&K Pure mini pickup (sometimes with a Baggs Para DI as a preamp/eq and or a seven-band graphic eq pedal. But most of the time he’s just use a microphone into the house PA, or sometimes an AER Alpha amplifier, or often no amplification at all. The sneakers are Pumas.