Home On The Midrange

Pacific Northwest guitarists Jamie Stillway and Eric Skye unite to create a new improvisational landscape of adventuresome original flatpicked reels, waltzes, and jigs. To order a physical CD directly from the artists you can Venmo or PayPal $20 to min7b5@yahoo.com. Unfortunately we are no longer selling CDs out of the United States, as extra COVID restrictions and associated fees too difficult and costly.

Ballads And Blues

Eric Skye’s new release for 2018 is a collection of fourteen jazz and blues guitar solos, all recorded in one sitting in a friend’s garage in Portland, Oregon.

If you use PayPal and would like to order a signed copy directly from Eric, PayPal twenty dollars (add five dollars for out of USA) to min7b5@yahoo.com

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June Apple -Traditional Fiddle Tunes For Mandolin And Guitar

JA cover

Pacific Northwest acoustic artists Eric Skye and Tim Connell team up for a unique and unexpected take on the traditional American fiddle-tune canon.

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An intimate recording made one morning in Los Angeles with guitarist Mark Goldenberg, capturing an adventuresome conversation, improvising across eight sparsely outlined original pieces in one sitting. Click here for CDBaby      Or here for iTunes

A Different Kind Of Blue

A Different Kind Of Blue is a solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar re-imagining of the 1959 Miles Davis record Kind Of Blue. Currently out of print, but it is currently available as a download or listen to at iTunes or Apple Music

Slow Moving Dog

Slow Moving Dog, combines Skye’s acoustic guitar with drummer Bruce Robertson and bassist Brian Casey. Slow Moving Dog features ten original tunes Currently out of print, but it is currently available as a download or listen to at iTunes or Apple Music