Chances are good you have no shortage of books, YouTube pages bookmarked, pages of tablature and scale patterns.. but maybe have trouble just putting it all together into actual satisfying music making. In addition to always being happy to answer all questions about his approach to arranging, writing tunes, improvisation, theory and technique, gear, recording, etc,  Eric also coaches students as an objective outside observer, with professional insight to help in establishing direction, goal-setting, structuring time..  Always from the angle of simplifying, of working in a deeper, more undistracted and productive way. Always with the goal of getting just a little further down road to finding your own voice each day.

Eric Skye offers private online sessions via Zoom for those wishing to have a live, one-on-one lesson from anywhere in the world. Eric teaches private lessons in a relaxed home-office setting in beautiful Northeast Portland, Oregon, as well as longer one-off sessions for those traveling through the Pacific Northwest. For more information email

Eric also has two instruction products available from the Homespun company. And there’s Eric’s free, short video essay series The Thirty Day Guitar Challenge