Rest of Gear

In addition the two Santa Cruz 00-Skye guitars (one with Adirondack, one with a bearclaw Italian top), Eric uses Santa Cruz Guitar Company mid-tension strings. He plays with Alaska fingerpicks, and a Fred Kelly heavy thumb-pick. When flatpicking, Eric uses a three-cornered, 1.5 mm pick. His capos are made by Phil Elliott. He uses microphones by Austrian Audio (pair of OC818’s) and Neumann (pair of KM184’s).  For amplification he will sometimes use an K&K Pure mini pickup (sometimes with a Baggs Para DI as a preamp/eq and or a seven-band graphic eq pedal. But most of the time he’s just use a microphone into the house PA, or sometimes an AER Alpha amplifier, or often no amplification at all. The sneakers are Pumas.